Thursday, 5 April 2012

Playing with Rigs

While I get over being a sicky, I've been browsing some rigs to use in the next animation assignement which is the 11 Second Club April competition.

The dialogue is two women. Here is the transcript:

Voice One: "Please don't think we're ungrateful for your enthusiasm, Mrs Crawley, but there comes a time when things are best left to the professionals."

Voice Two: "But I..."

Voice One: "And now I really, I really must go. Good day."

I haven't really had any ideas yet but I wanted to have two old women play the parts which I've found on a Norman rig database someone has made:

The rigs seem simple enough to use, though I find the lip controls a bit weird but hopefully I can get used to them.

...Or maybe voice two could be a young woman. Applying for some kinda grandma wrestling match. But obviously the grandmas are the professionals... hmm...

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