Friday, 13 April 2012

Bit of building, bit of messing about.

Spent some time today to start building the scene for the 11 Second Club animation. It's basically a trophy/living room sort of room.

Still have to add more trophies and hopefully a poster and another wrestling belt in the background and we'll be good to go. Trying to keep the scene as simple as possible but with the necessary things in the background.

Also been messing about with another Old woman rig.

I like this one better than the other one as she looks more gentle than the first one. I think this one can still look like she means business but at the same time have that Grandma look about her. This is actually based on the Norman Rig, same at the first rig I was looking at, so it works the same. Still getting used to it. I think the challenge is really going to be in the lip syncing because the lip controls are kinda hard to select and then kinda weird to use. Maybe I'm missing a trick but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

We've been shooting reference this week so I'll have that up as soon as I've put it all together.

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