Monday, 23 April 2012


Just mooching through youtube while waiting for feedback and I found this cute animation.

It's a pretty cute and simple story with a lovely visual style by some students at the Academy of Art University.
The characters are defined simply but quickly so the audience immediately know who each of the characters are (the Dragon is a gentle boy who loves the Princess, a girl who seems to share the same feelings towards the Dragon, and the Prince who is in love with himself...)
The set up is a school play and a familiar story of the prince rescuing the princess from a dragon. However, the story has a nice and welcome twist where the dragon wins and love conquers all because well, the prince is not a nice character and the audience don't want him to win.

The animation is lovely. There is no dialogue other than a roar and some screams but the animation of the characters tell the story effectively through showing the emotions of the characters and their reaction to the other characters.

I still have much to learn, mostly in polishing my work for a clean and smooth animation as shown in this short.

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