Monday, 16 April 2012

11 Second Club: Work In Progress

Spent most of the day setting up my scene and fiddling with rigs and stuff.

Imported the belt and fitted it to Grandma:

She's well chuffed!
I also modelled another belt with the intention of posing her holding it up in triumph and making a poster out of that to have on the back wall in the scene. Would have to hide it (strategically place it) from the first shot for revealing later at the punchline.
After messing around with the second rig (see previous post!), I imported it, fixed all the things I needed to and posed both rigs ready to start blocking.

I need the shot to be tighter. The characters are too far away and I need the wrestling belt out of shot for the first part. Also need some of the wall hidden so that I can have this poster I intend to put at the back.

If I can sort that out, then I just need to sort out my reference footage and import the sound clip and I *should* be good to go!

**Edit** Also need to sort out lighting and cameras...

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