Friday, 27 April 2012

11 Second Club: Last linear and drifts!

Last linear playblast. Gave it to my classmates for feedback and they said it was still drifting a bit. This drifting thing is driving me nuts but I'm glad they're telling me about it, even if they're telling me multiple times! I think I know what the problem is; I'm putting what I believe to be holding poses on things that are unnecessary. I need to look into holding poses much more because what I actually seem to be doing is putting in drifts! What an idiot I am!

Massive thanks to my class for all the feedback :)

Anyway I asked them to tell me where the drifting was happening because I've started to hit the blindness and can't see the woods for the trees. They also suggested to put the animation into auto tangent (better than splines apparently! No overshoots!) so that I can see it clearer. I took the advice and yep, plain as day now. So I'm fixing all that now.

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