Thursday, 26 April 2012

Brushing up

I'm coming to a point where I think I'm running out of things to do when I know there's plenty to do. I know when I'm lying to myself. So I've been brushing up on polishing.
Keith Lango has an awesome list of things to think about when polishing here: Click Here!

Here are some tips and bits and pieces from Animation Tips and Tricks blog:
# How Do You Deal With Curves...?
# What Is Your Workflow To Polish A Shot?
# Work Smarter, Not Harder

I've been looking into eye darts too as I'm not very good at them.
Animation Tips and Tricks:
# Eyes and Blinks
# Eyes and Eyebrows

Best thing to do really is watch reference of eyes darting. Someone on the 11 Second Club forum recommended this video, as the lady does a lot of eye darts. Looking at about 2 frame breakdowns for eye darts, second breakdown should favour the final pose. Some people even use 1 frame breakdowns.

While I'm here I've got a couple of other bits of yummy useful things.
# PDF on Body Language
# Webinar on Timing and Spacing <-- really useful!!

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