Monday, 16 April 2012

Note to Self about Norman Rigs

If any of the controls are not visible (e.g. facial controls), select VIZ Ctrl at the rig's feet and check down the channel box on the right side. If any are '0' (meaning off in Maya), switch to '1' (on). Controls should appear where appropriate. (Source of info: 11 Second Club Forum)

Also, to switch between FK and IK. Same sort of thing, select the EX controls near feet or hands (kinda like control vectors in Softimage) and use '0' or '1' to switch. '0' for FK and '1' for IK. (Source of Info: 11 Second Club Forum)

The romain database website mentions that there is a common problem with the Norman rigs and that is sometimes parts of the geometry don't render. This is apparently because the visibility of those parts have been turned off. To turn them back on, select the geometry that isn't rendering (it appears fine in the viewports), hold down SPACE BAR > Window > Rendering Editors > Rendering Flags. All the objects in the scene appear in the window, scroll down to find the ones you have selected (will appear highlighted so long as you don't deselect the geometry) and make sure Visibility and Primary Visibility are 'on'.

In hindsight, this may have answered the same problem I had with the Morpheus rig when the skin was not showing up in the render view. The more you know...

Can't believe it's taken me about an hour to figure this out!! Gaah!


  1. Hey Rachel Thanks a lot It helps me!!!

    1. Hi!
      No problem, I'm really glad this has helped someone else! :)