Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mime: Final feedback

We had a final feedback session today for all of our work for this module (Mime and 11Second).

For the my mime piece, the feedback was mainly move the camera in and down a smidgen and sort out the getting up animation (which actually wasn't intended to be shown, I'd cut that out because a) I didn't want to animate that - being honest! and b) for timing).

But I had a go at animating it but I discovered I would have to move everything on the timeline over to fit it in properly as it still looks light and jumpy - no weight is being shown as it's over way too quickly. You can't even really see the difference:

Test 1

Test 2

I discussed my concerns with Raff, pretty much saying that if I were to animate this properly, I would have to move everything along the timeline and make it all longer, which would mean messing around with the voice acting more. Plus we have a deadline next Monday (30th April) and another animation to do.

We decided it would be best for now to leave it and cut out the getting up, as I had been doing previously. It would have been nice to animate it properly but unfortunately we're too concerned about how much time we have left and the fact we're all still working on the 11 Second Club animation...

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