Monday, 9 April 2012

11 Second Club: April

Our second animation is this month's 11 Second Club competition, as I mentioned.

I was going to scan some sketches and a storyboard in today but since the university library's colour printer/scanners are ALL out of order and the other university buildings are closed... I'll have to update this post tomorrow/wednesday.

I've got a fair few things to scan that were supposed to be done last Wednesday but I caught a bad cold from someone at work the night before and spend that day curled up on the sofa being all shivery and owie... So, will get scans done tomorrow or Wednesday. Hopefully.

So! My idea for the 11 second club animation. Voice one shall be a grandma who runs an over 60s wrestling club and Voice two is a plucky young woman who wants to be part of the club (she knows it's for over 60s, her own grandmother is a member, but she tries anyway).

Voice two has just finished telling Grandma that she wants to be part of the club and that she can take anyone down, she's got her fisticuffs on playfully when the scene starts.
Grandma is a patient woman and looks kindly on 'Mrs Crawley' but isn't interested in letting the young woman compete in the club. After all, she's not over 60!
She lets Mrs Crawley down gently and stands up as she says that things are best left to the professionals. As she stands up, she reveals she's wearing a championship belt. She heads towards the door (camera is steadily zooming out revealing the room and the wall of trophies in the background) while saying she has to go and warming up her shoulders and then leaves the room. Leaving Mrs Crawley to look about at the trophies.

That's the gist of it. Sketches to come soon!
**EDIT** Updated with sketches

Stuff to scan:
# Dialogue Storyboard
# Character Profiles/Sketches
# Observational drawings from spring break
# Explosion revision sketches.
**EDIT** Stuff scanned.

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