Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mysteriously broken wrist.

Sometime while I was blocking in the revised explosion actions, the right wrist broke and animated at an odd angle all the way through the animation. Had to correct every key frame but it's done now.

Clip is without camera cuts and sound because I wanted to show all the things that are happening this time. The camera cut will cut out the awkward animation between lying down position and sitting up position.

James Harris came in yesterday to record our final version of the sound and now I need to adjust the timing of my animation to fit it.

There are also a few things I need to fix such as the end walk off stage. It was rushed so that we could combine our animations for James to see so only the rough timing is down, it still needs breakdowns.

Noticed a couple of freak outs from different limbs of the character, will fix that now.

Also, I need to swap around the part where the character is first defining the box so that the hands define the bottom before the top, rather than the other way round as it is now. Just so that it makes sense and that the mime box doesn't defy gravity. Not even mimes can defy gravity.

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