Monday, 30 April 2012

11 Second Club: Final

After making a few tweaks here and there, here is the final render of my 11 Second Animation.

The rendering has taken me a whole 7 hours to do because a) I'm an idiot and I didn't know what I was doing, b) I'd forgotten how to use the Qube render farm and find all the niggly things that the guide doesn't tell you about, c) I had to re-render so many time because I'd rendered with the wrong aspect ratio, failed frames, tweaks to the animation, d) had to wait until the other lovely classmates got in so I could pick their brains.

Massive thanks to the people who helped me and laughed at me when I did something stupid :)

If I can figure out how, I'll enter this into the 11 Second Club competition, mostly for a chance to get some feedback from people than anything else.

**EDIT** - day after - I didn't enter the 11 Second Club competition in the end as it required a specific aspect ratio. That's the really the best excuse but I was so sick of the render farm by then (I'd have had to re-render the animation and battle with the render farm, then battle with adobe premier pro which I'm not very familiar with..) I couldn't bring myself to do it at the time. Kinda regret it now that I've slept but lesson learned. I plan to do these competitions when the Masters course is over so that I keep animating. I plan to enter when I can too :)

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