Wednesday, 18 April 2012

11 Second Club: First character blocked.

Blocked the first character this evening.

Adapting some of Kyle Balda's blocking method, I blocked the first character using mostly the main controller around the hips. Also blocked the spine, head, wrists and feet when absolutely necessary.

I like this way of blocking and it's actually helping me be more conscious of what I'm doing, as these Norman rigs don't seem to have a key all option anywhere. I've had to block in the rest of the joints where they landed but I intend to block in stages, focusing on different things at a time, rather than everything at once.

This is nearly the shot I want to start at. I want the wrestling belt as much out of shot as possible to be revealed later.
As I don't yet know how to zoom the camera in and out (or anything actually, other than creating one) I playblasted another clip to show the rough shot I want to zoom out to for the reveal.

So far so good, hoping not to annoy Maya.
I want to block a few more things before blocking the next character, which hopefully I'll start tomorrow.

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