Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mime Feedback 03-04-12

Took notes from the feedback from class today:

# Perhaps zoom the camera in slowly to create tension when the bomb is ticking.
# Walk - fix it. Feet are slidy.
# Try ticking the head or hands for ticking effect. Experiment using no sound.
# Explosion needs to be snappier. (I can see a lot of movement that needs to be snappier!)
# Timing. Sort it out.
# Technical issues with FK and IK. Try and sort it out.
# Body too still when moving the box.
# Sound is inconsistant with the others' animations. Try to take out ticking and explosion.

There are a fair few problems created by the Malcolm rig's FK/IK functions. Mainly that I cannot tell what it's on because they don't change at all and there seems to be both of the functions on the control picker. I shall investigate using the power of the internet and AnimSchool Forums.

I'm thinking about revising the explosion action completely because there is no way I can think of the make the movement make any sense. There's no visual explosion so it is hard to see what's flinging the character about and the present anticipation and jump I have now are confusing whether there is even an explosion or not.

My first idea is to have the character bring himself back in a bit after cutting the wire (anticipation) and flinging his arms out to mime the explosion, perhaps windmill them once and then drop to the ground. The camera wil stay where it is and the audience will see the character's feet up in the air from the ground. I'm going to draw it out tonight and try and get some reference tomorrow.

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