Sunday, 1 April 2012

Brave and La Luna

Two things I am REALLY looking forward to seeing this year; Brave and the new Pixar short to be shown with it, La Luna.

La Luna looks absolutely stunning! The environment is gorgeous and the animation is amazing. This was the level of beauty I wanted to achieve in my Final Year Project (only in 2D, as my FYP was in 2D). My FYP was also similar to this, involving stars. We don't know if the stars in the short are sentient or are going to be characters but it feels like the focus is going to be on them or one of them and the little boy.

Definitely an inspiring trailer for me already!

Brave looks just as stunning. It's really nice to see Disney Pixar try out different styles and cultures. Merida looks like she's going to be a headstrong character indeed, not your typical princess who wants a Prince Charming and live happily ever after in romance (not that there's anything wrong with a princess that wants that!) The animation looks awesome as always. There are two trailers but I picked this one because I really liked Merida's hand animation when the camera's close up on it holding and letting go of the bow.

Looking forward to both of these! Will blog again with more to say when I've actually seen them.


  1. I love the colour pallet in Brave, so vibrant!

    1. It's very pretty. I love her hair! I think that's my favourite thing about it so far haha.