Monday, 5 March 2012


Having a fair amount of difficulty with Maya at the moment in terms of getting a rig that doesn't need so much faff.

I decided against the Morpheus Rig because when I tried it the skin wouldn't render. It was just a floating hair piece and vest.

However, Malcolm's maya rig setup is proving rather awkward as I can't get the control picker to work. I think I know why but there's nothing I can do about it. Basically the script for the control picker needs to be in the maya files on the C: drive, this is fine I thought. The C: drive gets wiped every night but I can copy and paste it in again when I need it and run the scene files from my U: drive. WRONG!
This does not work. I think because it's not all in the same drive so the project can't find what it needs. This is a shame because having the picker makes control selection SO much easier.

So. I either have to go back to Morpheus, a rig I do not know and would have to work out how to fix if the skin issue comes up again, OR continue with the Malcolm rig I do know but WITHOUT the picker.. OR find a new rig entirely.

I think I'll try sticking with malcolm first; it's a rig I'm quite fond of and know well. Working without the picker will be annoying but I'll have to go with it. If all that fails, I'll try the Morpheus rig again. And if that fails, new rig time!!

End Ramble.

**EDIT** NOTE TO SELF!! Copy the script files over before opening Maya. Then it will work. (Thanks Raff)

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