Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Blocking: First half of mime audition

Only managed the first half of the blocking so far due to a day of crashing from Maya and my own learning really. I've made some changes as I've been blocking.

The main change I made was the hat adjusting action. I felt that this wasn't a very cocky thing to do as I feel Jim's attitude is more 'why prepare when it's already perfect?'
I had him put his hand to his ear for a listening pose and from there, when the voice actor says box, he just drops his hand and looks at the camera with an attempt at contempt. I imagine him thinking 'I can mime shakespearian plays effortlessly and you want a box?'
He then moves on to mime the box, not holding back his lack of enthusiasm.

Had a show and tell session today, all seemed well. My tutors liked it and thought the poses are clear. At the moment there doesn't seem to be anything they feel needs changing.

I personally would like to work on the timing but I want to finish blocking first so I can see it as a whole before moving the keyframes around. I'm also wondering about the camera; I think it's a bit far away from some of the animation, mainly when he starts miming the box. I think it may need to zoom in or cut to a medium shot but I'll wait until I've finished blocking and we put our videos together and see what we get.

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