Friday, 16 March 2012

Mimes: Blocking 1.

Yay! It all worked out this time. No idea what the hell the problem was yesterday but I managed to get it playblasted in one piece with no errors, hurray!

The timing is WAY off, I had to render it without sound to avoid confusion. I'll be putting it back in when I've sorted the timing out, which I will do while I put some breakdowns in. Part of the reason the timing is off is because I tend to make changes as I go. So far I've changed the hat adjusting action to a big dismissing arm gesture, added a listening pose and added more looking around when the ticking starts. It's probably bad but I do this because as I'm working, I sometimes think that something isn't working or a pose could be better or more fitting to the character's personality.

I tried to put little hoppy jumps in like the ones I did on the last reference shot but in the blocking I don't think it's clear what's happening. So I'm going to take them out. I'll have to take something else out as well to shorten it enough but haven't decided what yet. Going to discuss it with the dream team later.

The exploding was difficult to block because it's hard to get reference for that sort of thing. I don't think I can do it myself as it's physically impossible (without actually blowing myself up) to act out. I'm looking through some video game clips for 'ragdoll' animation to help (ragdoll animation: generally when a character dies, their body becomes completely limp and lifeless, limbs flop about and such).

Stay tuned for more soon. Going to start breaking down the poses.

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