Thursday, 19 January 2012

Twinings Advert and Take 10.

This is a beautiful advert from Twinings Tea last year. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised I hadn't posted it before!

The animation and visuals are gorgeous! I found a making of video which mostly talks about the concept and development of the idea rather than the animation but it's still very interesting how they turned what they initially thought would have been a boring idea into something everyone can connect with.

If you follow the making of video back to YouTube and read the description under the video, it talks about the research that went into 'getting back to you' and how important it is to Take 10.

This is certainly an inspirational advert and the making of is just as good. It is inspiring to see that a plot can be drawn from anywhere, you just need to research and find it. From this, I've learned to really think about my tasks and research more to find inspiration for plots. As sometimes I get stuck when trying to think up plots for some tasks! Like the Another One Bites The Dust song and dance task! I went to the green screen room not knowing what it was I wanted to do and still came out with reference which was a massive help!

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