Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Interesting Blog Posts

Just posting up a couple of interesting blog posts. I think subscribing to Animation Mentor on twitter is one of the best things I've done because they update so often with blog posts on various subjects. This one's on time management:


This was really refreshing to read because I have a lot going on in life and often wonder if I'm doing the right thing by having a part time job (need to eat and all that!) and worry even more if my relationship with my fiance is being seriously affected. It's a busy schedule but I do find that I work better because I'm forced to do something else, see other things and take a damn break! Then come back to my work with a fresh mind. What good is an animator (and a character animator at that!) whose closed up indoors not seeing life? So yeah, not entirely to do with the Masters course and a bit personal but it was nice to read that it's not just possible but okay to have a life too!

Another one that I've found (on Adam Warren's Empowered twitter!) is about staging. It's mostly written for comics but there are some things that apply to animation too.

Comic Strip Artist's Kit

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