Thursday, 19 January 2012


I've not posted this either?? God I'm terrible! Note to self: See something awesome/interesting/useful, POST IT IMMEDIATELY!!

Anyway, I saw this a couple of years ago then lost it (couldn't remember what it was called or what film it was for!) but it was posted on our facebook group a little while ago. It's the best reference video I've ever seen and really shows how necessary reference is and how much it benefits your animation.

During this module I've really learned how important reference footage is and am now working on losing my inhibitions in front of a camera. Most of the time I'm ok but occasionally I get a little embarrassed. Watching this video is really inspiring and I really want to be able to go nuts in front of a camera!
I want to do a splitscreen video with my reference and stages of animation like this. Watch this space, I'll post it on this blog if I do!

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