Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How do you like my animating? Call this number...

We got our results for the first module (AP1) recently and I've taken some time to reflect on my work until now, specifically have I improved. And I think the answer is yes! Most definitely!

In third year (last year) I worked on a 2D/3D mix animation in a group for one of the modules. I animated a character in two of the scenes. It was a hell of a challenge as an animator because at the time I didn't feel too confident with 3D, however I was determined to improve. The other problem was that we did not find out until it was too late that the guy who volunteered to model the character had never modelled a character before. ANOTHER problem was that I had to rig that bad boy. I was fine with rigging, I actually enjoyed rigging up until that point. However, it was another challenge to rig it as there were a few problems with the model...
Anyway, the point is animating with the result was hard enough, we didn't have much time after all the faffing about with the rig/model so the animation was a bit rushed. And here it is:

I was happy with the result though it obviously still needed work, probably lots of it.

I look at this and look at the stuff I'm coming out with now and I can see the improvement. Don't get me wrong, I've still a way to go! And that's cool. I'm enjoying it! But it's great to be able to see the improvement I've made so far and it motivates me to keep pushing! The results that I got were not... great. They were good though and I still passed. I'm happy about that. However, I'm going to keep asking for feedback and just concentrate on improving and enjoy it.

*Allows self to feel proud and happy for a moment* ...

Now back to work >:)

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