Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What's Inside...? WIP

Been experimenting with a few more poses for 'What's Inside...?' Feedback on the previous images were pretty much in favour of the first and third pose and that the second pose was a bit weak. Particularly too symmetrical. 'Twinning' isn't good for animation and poses so this needs to be sorted.

I put together a quick alternative pose that is similiar other than the arms, to help break the symmetry:

Ignore the untextured table. I think this looks more like he's been caught in the act which wasn't the intention. He's just still being sneaky.

I'm playing with the idea of scrapping this pose all together, having the first pose (Previous post) become the second and replacing the first with one of these (if that all makes sense...).

New Pose 1.

New Pose 2.

And Front:

So the proposed new sequence would be one of the above images, followed by these two:

Sequence Pose 2.

Sequence Pose 3.

Malcolm character courtesy of AnimSchool.com

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