Monday, 14 November 2011


Been looking up videos of rats on youtube for reference, since I no longer know anyone who has pet rats. Here are a few pet rats from various youtubers:

Makes me want a pet! Anyway, more importantly, I need to see how they move. I will only be animating a ball and tail but I'd like to get as much rat like behaviour and movement into it as possible.

And of course, when thinking about rats and animation, we think of Disney Pixar's Ratatouille!
Back in 2008, the first Animex Festival I went to featured a lecture by Stuart Sumida about the 'Science and Art of Ratatouille'. The amount of research, studies and testing that went into getting the rat movements right was amazing, but obviously necessary. And it paid off! I love watching Remy's behaviour and movement change from rat-like to more human-like. I'd like to have some of that influence in my ball and tail rat animation.

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