Sunday, 13 November 2011

Final Assignment for Module 1: Idea

The final assignment will be to combine what we've learned so far:

6. Bringing it all together
Principles employed: arcs, timing, follow through and overlapping action, anticipation, ease 
in ease out, secondary action.
In this exercise your character must walk at some point during the sequence and interact
with two of the following:
A pendulum (swinging thing)
A ball
A ball with tail.
A big box
You are expected to add additional animation in keeping with the personality of your 
character and his/her reason for interacting with the objects.
Duration max: 20 second

I plan to have a ball and tail and a box. My idea (set in a loft) is to have the character walk on screen (poss with heavy box) and notice a 'rat' (ball and tail). He'll leap back away from it but it creeps a bit closer, he keeps a good distance between them. He'll see an empty box beside him and use that to capture it (after a few failed attempts) and sit on it.

I'm currently working on sketches and a storyboard which I'll post up soon.

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