Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Scaredy Poses

While looking around the internet for some 'scared' poses (as in, just been frightened out of their wits), I came across a little Mr Bean animation.

I found this a bit anti-climatic after all the build up. It might be because I am looking for and expecting a big shock reaction of some sort at least before the 'oh... it's just a mouse...' The reaction he expressed seemed more like a 'what the hell...?!'

Still, I would have put a little scream or even a gasp in! Good loft reference for my final assignment though. Perhaps I should think about a build up in my animation too..

It's harder than I thought to find reference material of someone being scared/made to jump. I've found a few good pranks but I'm finding it hard to see those poses (being either too small an action or not the right movement like dropping to the ground) being a part of the animation. I did find some good (and funny) videos of people getting scared. I'll just have to take note of what people commonly do when frightened, such as arms go upwards though how upward they go varies on situation, type of scare and type of person.

And some people flail like crazy!

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