Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Walk Assignment Plan - Find a Penny, Pick it up...

The next assignment is to either have a character walk on shot, stop for some reason and start walking again or have a character start walking and stopping again.

I've chosen the former; to have a character walk on, stop and start walking again. I plan to have the character walk on looking pretty miserable because he's having a bad day or something, nothing completely depressing but certainly not great. He stops when he sees a penny on the floor, picks it up and smiles a little. He may or may not flip the coin and catch it, haven't decided yet (would be a nice touch I think). And then he'll start walking off screen looking a little more positive.

Here are my sketch plans:

This first one comes from a variety of video reference we filmed last week. I acted it out first and then other people had a go if they had a different idea.

These last two are a rough plan of what I want to happen. Pretty much acting out what I've already described with a few notes here and there.

Watch this space for video reference!

**EDIT** Didn't take as long as I thought to upload the reference vid!

This is just myself acting out what I had in mind. I have videos of my class peeps doing it too but I'm not uploading those. I'm only comfortable with embarrassing myself!. I think my walk off was way too exaggerated so I won't be using that at all. I like my walk on with hands in pockets but it may be challenging to do in my animation as I'm not sure the Malcolm rig has pockets! We'll see.

I watched the other videos and I liked the way one person put their hand on the back of their neck and looking down when walking on. This really expresses that something is weighing on their mind and the cause is usually negative (worry, guilt, sadness etc). I wanted to include that particular gesture in my walk on cycle.

**EDIT 2**
I watched Derren Brown's Experiments: Guilt Trip and was happy to see the particular gesture I wrote about (hand on back of neck) used by the 'test subject' in the programme. The more he believed he might have been the murderer, the more nervous and guilty he felt and his body language reflected that. I've posted a link to the video below (embedding disabled my uploader) and the part I'm referring to starts at 40.00


Derren Brown both interests and frightens me because of how he uses body language to predict, suggest and successfully influence people. Body language counts for roughly 93% of human communication and I find it very interesting watching what people do when they're thinking, interacting with something or someone and how it reflects their emotions and thoughts. Obviously being such an important part of communication it is equally important to have body language in animation.

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