Friday, 28 October 2011

Poses Assignment

As said before, I'm not much of a modeller. So I've been playing with a few rigs to see what I like best because I intend to use the same one throughout the rest of the year if I can.

I was going to go for Guy v1.0 (found here) but for some reason I was getting a blue band object across his eyes when rendered. I looked for anyone with the same issue but as I couldn't find any answers I abandoned this one and looked for another.

After going through the few that are on blackboard I settled for Malcolm (found here!). He's got some complex controls but overall it's not too hard to use as there's basic controls and more advanced controls.

I had a go with my first pose out of three for 'What's inside...?'

Pretty Sneaky...

Will upload some sketch work soon.

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