Thursday, 6 October 2011

And it begins..

First day on the Masters course was Tuesday 4th October and I already have plenty to do!

# 6+ pages of sketches from life. (Images soon to be uploaded.)
# Presentation for 12th Oct on an animation principle (Follow Through and Overlapping Action).
# Ball Animation:

"Principles employed: Timing, ease in ease out.

This task lets you explore some basic principles with the simplest of models. Using the 3d software of your choice; animate 2 balls with different physical properties. Such as: a beach ball and a bowling ball or a balloon and a tennis ball. I would like you to explore the difference between how the two balls move. The balls should not have personality at this stage; this is a simple exercise in physics. I would like to see the balls bounce and also hit another simple obstacle such as a box. How this happens is up to you. The balls should have some sort of texture or marking to show rotational movement."

# Pendulum Animation:

"Principles employed: Timing, ease in ease out, follow through and overlapping action.

Create box and a ball and link them together by a three boned chain. The box must be at the top and the ball at the bottom. Move the box and animate the action as the momentum travels down the bones to the ball. The quicker the box moves the more exaggerated the resulting pendulum movement will be. Experiment with moving the box in different ways."

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