Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pendulum: Test 1

I rendered a quick first test of my pendulum for feedback from other students yesterday. I wasn't really happy with it. I thought it was too long and not enough really happened to demonstrate follow through and overlapping action.

I got some feedback on it last night from last year's Masters students who pointed out that the pendulum's swings weren't quite swinging lower than the previous. I agree with this as someone had previously said that the swings 'snap' more than actually swing. I also noticed the second drag isn't quite right either.


I also had feedback about my latest render of the ball animation from previous students. Both say the second arc of the yellow ball needs less air time and the arcs need widening a bit. They also think that the black ball enters too quickly and suggest spacing it out a bit.
Watching the reference of the black ball again, it does seem that the ball does enter really fast but it does not play well in my animation. So I will follow the advice given to me and try and space it out a bit to see if that improves. Another camera angle might also help..

EDIT: Also, I have some sketches I need to upload from the previous week (note to self).

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