Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ball Animation

I've been working on the ball animation assignment, not quite done yet but hopefully should be done soon. This needs to be done (along with a pendulum animation) by next wednesday... or at least roughly done. I can still tweak it up until I have to hand everything in at the end of the module (in about 8 weeks time).

I have taken some video reference on my poorly focused digital camera which I will put here as soon as Vimeo's finished uploading them. I will also post soon a work in progress vid which is still VERY rough!

My presentation is pretty much done. I will upload that tomorrow once I've given it to the class :)



The light ball is as I thought it would be and should be quite fun to animate. It slows down at the top of the arc which I need to get into the animation.

The 8 ball is interesting because it bounces once or twice and zooms off for a while before slowing down. Usually in my vids it would hit something before it slowed down to a stop but I think I'll have it zoom off screen in the animation.

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