Thursday, 6 October 2011

6 Pages of Life Drawing

These are the 6 pages of life drawing we were asked to do for the next day. I drew these outside the Mima Building in Middlesbrough, Middlebrough Town Centre and in the University Library.
Outside, most people had the same pose because it was a cold day and a lot of people had their hands in their pockets, arms folded or holding their clothes across themselves. It was hard to get everything down so quickly so I know I need more practice.
The main feedback I got from my lecturer, Penny, was to write little notes near the sketches such as 'looking at leaflets' or 'kid annoying people' etc. so that later on when I look back at these I will remember what I was drawing. I've written a few notes down since scanning these images in but already I've forgotten what a lot of people were doing so I'll remember to do so as I sketch them next time!

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