Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Voice Actor, James Harris

Today, we met the voice actor (James Harris) who is going to be voicing our judge. He's a really nice guy and, when we ran through our idea with him and performed it, offered some more ideas towards it which was great!

Here is the reference we recorded today:

It was his idea to have Raf dragged off the stage at the end. James also thought that some overlap of the mimes would be good since they were going on stage one after the other and obviously saw what happened to the previous mime. We thought this was a nice idea and would help with timing, it's not difficult to do either.

James also said rather than falling down after suffocating in the box, the character could lean against the invisible box and maybe slid down, suggesting the box is still there. This idea came up in our previous recording session which we thought would be interesting. We're thinking of going out with a camera and finding a telephone box!

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