Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mime idea feedback

We pitched our idea today to the class. It went down fairly well and we got a lot of feedback.
Firstly our tutor noticed something that we didn't which is that we have a bit of a theme of death running through our ideas! We didn't think of it that way but we like it so we're working with it. She suggested changing the order of our ideas so that the suffocation was the last performance, as it ends in death.
Mine (bomb) should go first as it ended with only small injury (the character should come back on the stage after some crashing noises, looking blatantly hurt but not extremely injured) and Raf's (changed from being late to reacting to creatures coming out of a box and being chased around by them - comes back on stage and collapses)

We were told to think about the real personalities of the mimes coming out at the end of their acts and also to think about the personality of the director (voice over) and how he will react to the mime acts.

We (Team RRR!) are meeting up again tomorrow to have a quick discussion of our new ideas before going to the green screen room to shot some reference.

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