Thursday, 16 February 2012

Team Meet Up 1

We vaguely discussed some idea yesterday but we met up today to discuss them further. So far we've had ideas for an normal audition situation:
Three mimes audition separately on stage, there is a narrator playing the judge.
One mime auditions a real guitar vs. invisible guitar routine (invisible guitar is better than real guitar), a dance where the mime falls and swears out loud and a mime who is late to the audition and a 'conversation' takes place between the narrator and mime.

We have another idea of a mime breaking a glass with an opera voice (obviously a silent one) which would be fun but it seems to be a weak idea compared to others.

Another idea we had was circus audition where all the mimes have to perform their take on the same task (in this case, they have a box. The box can be huge or small, they can be in it or outside of it, could be something in it etc, it's up to them). Ideas for the performances so far is trapped in a box but gets out successfully, trapped in a box but doesn't get out and suffocates or something and something in a box. Possibly a bomb.

We've had a few more ideas, some combining elements of the previous ideas and a few that we thought might be too complicated for the time we have and for the assignment in general.

Over the weekend, we're all going to sketch out ideas including the ones we've got so far.

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