Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Psychological Gesture 2

Yesterday, our tutor touched on psychological gesture in her tutorial.

It pretty much confirmed what I thought it might have been in a post or two ago.

Actors use psychological gesture to help them get into the role of the character they are playing. They do it through exercises such as the Ed Hooks one I put in the previous post.

As animators, we tend to over gesture (I am very guilty of this) so using psychological gestures helps us tone down the animation and get the essence of the performance into it instead.

For the two clips I need for my presentation, I'm actually thinking of using one of my previous animations where over gesturing was particularly bad (as animated clip) and either shooting another reference shot of what it could have been using psychological gesture or finding the original clip that shows the acting with the audio clip I used. I'll have to find the original clip first so I'll have to ask our previous tutor if she remembers where she got it.

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