Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pre Production Sketches

Been sketching over the past couple of days for the Pre-Production. Slowly working towards starting a storyboard...

I imagine I will have to draw a plane or two for this module so I googled some planes (specifically the sort they use for skydiving) and shamelessly copied them because I'm not much of a vehicle doodler.

I will be using the Malcolm rig for the final animation as it's the rig I am most familiar with. As fun as it is to play with new rigs, I'm not going to risk any sneaky problems that might crop up later just because it's a new rig. So anyway I did some facial sketches and a few poses that might be used for when the characters get silly with their skydiving antics.

I found myself drawing a few poses for the female character that Rachel R will be using too!

Now here is the planning for the beginning of the animation. Not quite storyboard form yet but it contains what I'm seeing in my head at the moment plus a lot of notes about concerns, ideas and general thinkings. I also noted down how long people roughyly get when skydiving in accelerated freefall (AFF. There are two ways you can skydive - 'AFF' or 'Tandem' where you are attached to someone, generally used for introductions and training). Will be asking Rachel R to look at this and tell me what she thinks.

Also had some thoughts about where they might be landing.

I'm going to add a link to Rachel's blog on the side of mine here. Just so it's easier for people to see who I'm working with and her work too :)

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