Thursday, 10 May 2012

Feedback from Tuesday

Just a note first, I'll be adding a link to the other Rachel's blog at the bottom of every post so that both sides can be seen/read.

Me and Rachel presented our sketches and storyboarding on Tuesday and explained where we were up to with our development.

The main question that was asked was 'Why does she win?' What does the female character do right or what does the male character do wrong to lose?

It was suggested that the female character should be scared and male character should push the female out of the plane, giving a good reason why he should lose. Our only concern was that if the female was scared she wouldn't be doing any poses. Then a classmate said that contrast is funny. Can't argue with that!

So I've sketched out this idea (will add scanned sketches tomorrow when I get to a scanner!). Rachel brought up the idea of a gender switch, so the characters could switch places in this scenario. Perhaps with some variations.

Rachel came up with a lovely idea of the male character trying to impress the female character by doing goofy things. She would be a professional skydiver and unimpressed by his antics. And being the professional she is, she'll be keeping an eye on her altimeter watch and pull her parachute when it is time. However, the male isn't paying that much attention and ends up pulling his too late and end up crashing into a tree. He'll be hanging there when she approaches him, wishing the ground would just swallow him already. And she'll give him a kiss on the cheek. Aww :)

This was going to be a sketch for this idea but he's too fearful of the fall to logically want to try and do tricks to impress the famle character. However, the drawings still work for the gender switch idea.

At the moment, we're unsure what to go with as we were a bit fond of the original idea and feel everything's been tipped upside down a bit. We're determined though so we're going to put these ideas to the rest of the class and get their opinions.

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