Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WIP for 'Marriage' Clip

Work in Progress pic :)

Haven't been posting much because I've just been either getting on with building the scene or planning OR enjoying Christmas festivities! It can take me a while to model things because I'm not greatly confident in 3D modelling. However, I think I've outdone myself a bit purely by just biting the bullet and trying. I will admit I do tend to avoid modelling if I can but I'm happy with the results of my efforts. I used google searched images as reference, particularly for the lounge seat, chair and lamp.

Here's the sound clip (uploaded with the above WIP picture purely just so that I could upload it!).

So far I've lip synced Stephen Fry's voice with the Malcolm character shown and positioned him where I want the animation to start. I will start blocking him next.

Here are a few planning sketches I've done so far:

Malcolm character courtesy of

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