Monday, 19 December 2011

Lip Sync: Test 4

Here is the fourth test, after tweaking the arm movements a fair bit to try and make them less symmetrical.

I could not render the video from Softimage to include the sound track I imported into the software so all this time I've been using Windows Movie Maker to add the sound and publish straight to my account on youtube (though for whatever reason I can't actually save the movie because it plays back with no sound - go figure :/). A classmate told me if I rendered using the hardware render instead of Mentalray the clip would come out with sound. I tried it but it renders all the controls on the rig plus an odd orange texture all over Malcolm's face. I aborted before it finished because though it would be helpful if sound was rendered too, is there really any point compromising the look of the rig? I could get rid of the controls but I have no idea why the face is all orange when I render that way. I'll stick to Movie Maker and Final Cut.

Malcolm character courtesy of

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