Sunday, 17 June 2012

Jump: Blocking Test 1

Started blocking yesterday, here's where I am so far.

I can already see that Malcolm's movement needs to be more erratic. It's just the way I work. Sometimes I find it difficult to start blocking because of everything I need to consider so I block key frames every 25 frames (for the first 5 or so seconds) and then move them about with timing in mind. Usually they are very simple key poses so I block further detail into them and then block some more key frames for the key breakdowns. It just helps give me a place to start and get into the blocking stage. Depending on the animation and its length, sometimes I like to block in sections instead of the whole thing at once. I find this helps take away the daunting feeling of starting something huge.

This is the first quick playblast I did when I had blocked key frames every 25 frames. You can see the different already.

Anyway, before I move to the next section, I want to block in more panic to Malcolm's struggle for balance in this section.

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