Thursday, 2 August 2012

Jump: Dare Audio

Spent most of today adding breakdowns to Malcolm and making changes to the audio, then changing the breakdowns to fit the audio. It's been great working in the university labs with my classmates. The company really helps and I can get feedback pretty much instantly which is fantastic. Here is today's efforts in three steps. First being what I have first and the last video is where I'm up to.

Step 1. Where I started. The 'lame' stood out too much and not even in a good way.

Step 2. 'Lame' was taken out of the audio but then 'C'mon' started to stand out, particularly because it's said twice and quite closly to each other. It was also confused and people thought that Aaron was saying it twice and wondered why Malcolm was moving.

Step 3. It was decided to change Malcolm's action to reactive rather than acting on thought. The scene flows much better.

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